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PG Dip in Psychotherapy
Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
EMDR Practitioner
Certificate in Walking the Talking
Certificate in Facilitating Therapeutic Writing Groups
  • Accredited Member of BACP
  • Member of EMDR UK

“Carole Sanderson: Empowering Healing Through Therapy, Writing, and Creative Exploration”

Carole Sanderson is a highly experienced therapist who has dedicated the majority of her career to serving as a counsellor and psychotherapist, initially within the NHS and now in private practice. With a deep passion for helping others, Carole has provided valuable support to numerous individuals in their journey toward improved mental well-being.

In her personal time, Carole finds solace and therapeutic enlightenment through writing. She has discovered the transformative power of Therapeutic Writing and incorporates this approach into her sessions when appropriate. Recognising the benefits it can bring, Carole will be launching a 6-week rolling program for Therapeutic Writing starting in September. This program is open to those who have already experienced therapy and even to individuals who may be uncertain about engaging in traditional therapy. While it is not a substitute for therapy itself, the program offers a therapeutic outlet for self-expression and personal growth.

In addition to her work in therapy and writing, Carole indulges in her creative side by writing scripts for TV sitcoms. She finds immense relaxation in this process, allowing her imagination to flow freely and create entertaining and captivating stories. Although she has written two books, Carole acknowledges the challenges therapists often face when it comes to marketing and selling their works. Nonetheless, her passion for writing remains undeterred.

Carole’s interests extend beyond therapy and writing. When the sun graces the sky, she takes to the roads on her motorbike, relishing the freedom and enjoyment it brings. This leisurely activity allows her to bask in the fresh air and scenic beauty, providing a welcome respite from the demands of her professional life.

Carole Sanderson holds several qualifications and certifications that highlight her expertise in the field of therapy. She is an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) Practitioner, utilizing this specialised approach to help individuals process traumatic experiences. Carole is also a Therapeutic Writing Facilitator, incorporating this powerful technique into her practice. Furthermore, she holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy, and is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Additionally, Carole is a member of EMDR UK and has obtained a certificate in “Walking the Talking” therapy, showcasing her commitment to innovative therapeutic approaches.

With her diverse skill set, unwavering dedication, and genuine compassion, Carole Sanderson continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those she works with, providing them with the tools and support needed to navigate their personal journeys toward healing and well-being.


  • Counselling £68 per 50 minute session
  • EMDR £85 per 50 minute session
  • Courses – price on application

    Conditions & Issues Treated
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Trauma

    Carol works with adults over the age of 18

    Services & Therapies
    • Counselling
    • Psychotherapy
    • EMDR
    • Walking Therapy
    • Therapeutic Writing Therapy
    Benefits of Working with Carole

    Carole creates a safe and nurturing environment where one can freely express themselves at their own pace, while actively empathising and acknowledging their experiences in a nonjudgemental way. Responding to trauma with profound care, deep understanding, and genuine compassion.

    Counselling, Psychotherapy, Anxiety Depression, Trauma


    • exploration of thoughts and emotions
    • self-awareness, growth, and well-being
    • anxiety, depression, trauma,
    EMDR, Trauma


    • Process traumatic experiences.
    • Reprocess distressing memories
    • Trauma, phobias, and anxiety.


    • Emotional release and catharsis
    • Improved emotional well-being
    • Enhanced self-reflection and personal growth


    • Counselling outdoors/ in nature
    • Shift thinking and perspectives
    • Change of environment helps
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