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Certified Bio-Tuning® Practitioner by the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in the USA
About Edwina

Hello – my name is Edwina and I am your qualified Bio-Tuning® Sound Therapist inspired and trained by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson from the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in California, USA. My aim and passion is to bring the holistic and ancient practice of sound therapy into the 21st century using cutting-edge science and technology. I am dedicated to empowering clients to take control of their own health and well-being.

Benefits of Working with Edwina

Bio-Tuning® is specific to each person and goes to the causality of that individual’s challenge, concern or need, known or unknown.  This is extremely beneficial as many people are unaware of the root cause of their challenges and can be reluctant to consciously access and talk about any past trauma.

Bio-Tuning® uses your fundamental frequency for balancing and growth purposes. In each phase of the process, you hear and feel your vibration and frequency, each segment working to balance and re-train the nervous system into a new level of neuro-synergy, a beautiful and joyous and deeply centered state of being.

Your individualised Bio-Tuning® soundtrack will be crafted by experts at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research and will comprise of 5 different octaves and layers of binaural beats of your fundamental frequency to resonate the different densities of your body tissue and body systems (skin, muscles, joints/discs/tendons, bones and fluid).

Sound therapy is gentle, pain-free and non-invasive. You are provided with the soundtrack to use every day at home to continue the balancing effects on a daily basis. Over time, this creates a learned neurological response in the nervous system and the brain – like going to the gym on the inside – to retrain your brain’s control systems back to balanced function. Healing can come from within when the system is not blocked from doing so.

Clients have reported life-changing improvements in sleep, huge reductions in stress and anxiety and an overall sense of calm, peace and well-being.

This therapy is brand new to the UK and I am currently the only qualified Bio-Tuning® practitioner in the UK.



We offer two different programmes. Generic Sound Therapy or Bio-Tuning®

Generic Sound Therapy

Generic soundtracks are based on science and decades of clinical observations and measuring of brainwaves and the autonomic nervous system carried out by the Center for Neuroacoustic Research and other institutes using cutting-edge technology. All this information has been combined together to produce soundtracks based on research and observations of real people over a long period of time. The soundscapes include brain entrainment, 3-dimensional nature sounds and binaural beats to activate the deepest part of your unconscious mind.

The session takes place on the NeuroWave™ Chair / Table where the low frequencies and vibrations are soothingly delivered straight into your body.


The bio-tuning system is an advanced, scientific sound balancing system. The system combines a real-time heart variability system, advanced sound generating software, advanced brainwave entrainment technologies, primordial soundscapes in 3-D, all delivered soothingly via a low frequency NeuroWave™ Chair / Table, straight into your body.

This system is completely individualised for you. Your ‘fundamental frequency’ will be taken during your first session using data directly from a real time heart variability system. This is the exact frequency that brings your personal autonomic nervous system to balance (homeostasis).

Homeostasis is the process through which biological systems in your body constantly maintain stability while responding to environmental factors for optimal health.

The autonomic nervous system is the seat of the stress handling system; the sympathetic branch (fight or flight), and the parasympathetic branch (digestive and elimination system). When these two systems are balanced (homeostasis), all is functioning well, and the system is healthy. Think of your body like a car with two driving styles; ‘race car mode’ (sympathetic branch) for stress and ‘cruise mode’ (parasympathetic branch) for relaxation. When the car is able to adjust seamlessly between these driving styles and maintain balance, the car is performing at its best.

By monitoring the autonomic nervous system with the real-time heart rate variability (HRV) system, we can see if this master control system is balanced and functioning properly. We can check this balance using the HRV system, like a car’s dashboard, to ensure your body’s stress control system is functioning properly, just like you might monitor your car’s performance to keep it running smoothly. Watching this helps us see if your body’s stress system is balanced and functioning optimally.

If this master control system is not functioning properly, it can be returned to a balanced function using a precisely tuned sound frequency (your fundamental frequency) – this is the bio-tuning process. By exposing you to this balancing frequency regularly over time, the autonomic nervous system can be retrained back to a balanced function.

Programs & Pricing

Sound Therapy

Taster session – £20 (20 minute appointment)

  • Find out more about Bio-tuning® and experience a 10-minute generic soundtrack in the NeuroWave™ Chair / Table

Purchase of a Generic Listening Track – prices starting from £15

  • Choose from a menu of beautifully composed, scientifically proven soundtracks in the following categories; Anxiety and Mood, Autism and ADHD, Physical and Emotional Balance, Learning and Memory, Meditation, Pain Relief, Relaxation and Sleep. Soundtracks include the use of brainwave entrainment, binaural beats and 3-dimensional nature sounds.
  • Discounted bundle options available – please enquire for more details


Biotone™ Collection – £95 (90-minute appointment)

  • Your first session includes the identification of your personal and unique Biotone™. You will experience a “Grounding” session in the NeuroWave™ Chair / Table with heart rate variability analysis.

Subsequent Bio-Tuning® Session – your own track (to take home) and one session in the chair – £65 (50 minute appointment)

  • Once you’ve had your Biotone™ collected, you’ll now begin your Bio-Tuning® customised music series. Each subsequent session includes the next custom biotone track in your series, a NeuroWave™ session with your biotone track on the chair/table, and a heart rate variability analysis to track your progress.
  • Discounted bundle options available – please enquire for more details

Biotone™ Remote Custom Track – £50

  • Select this option when you are ready to purchase your next personalised Biotone™ soundtrack. This option is for those continuing the program from home, or for those who are unable to come in person for appointments. You will continue to play each track daily for 2 weeks, there are a total of 22 Biotone™ tracks in the complete series.
  • Discounted bundle options available – please enquire for more details

Listening Sessions – Buy time to come and listen to a generic track or your bring your own personal Biotone™ on the NeuroWave™ Chair / Table – £30 each (40 minute appointment)

  • This option is for the daily listening of your personalised Biotone™ tracks (you must have previously purchased your track for this option) or choose from the menu of generic tracks. The NeuroWave™ chair/table is available for you to come in and just listen to the track for your daily 30 minute listening session. No analysis with this option – just come in, relax, and get back to your day!
  • Bundle Listening Sessions
    • x 1 = £30
    • x 4 = £108 (save 10%)
    • x 8 = £210 (save 12.5%)
    • x 12 = £306 (save 15%)
    • x 20 = £495 (save 17.5%)
    • x 30 = £720 (save 20%)

    Conditions/Issues Treated

    • Anxiety and Mood
    • Autism and ADHD
    • Creativity and Peak Performance
    • Learning and Memory
    • Meditation
    • Pain Relief
    • Relaxation and Sleep


    Sound therapy is designed to help individuals of all ages to reduce stress, improve physical, mental and emotional well-being to enhance overall quality of life. This means that any condition where stress is the underlying cause, or a factor in the condition, is suitable for sound therapy.

    Edwina works with:

    • Men
    • Women
    • Children
    • Suitable for all ages

    Pricing (Bundle Listening Sessiond

      • x 1 = £30
      • x 4 = £108 (save 10%)
      • x 8 = £210 (save 12.5%)
      • x 12 = £306 (save 15%)
      • x 20 = £495 (save 17.5%)
      • x 30 = £720 (save 20%)
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