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Body Massage & Beauty Therapy
Bach Flower Remedies
Cold Laser Therapy

Ann works alongside her husband Luke Ramsay – who is an experienced Chiropractor. Together they are achieving great results with patients suffering from severe pain.

About Ann :

I started my complimentary health training 25 years ago when I studied body massage and Beauty Therapy at north tyneside college. Over the years I have added other disciplines such as nutrition, Bach Flower Remedies and aromatherapy.

Apart from my studies and work life I am a mother and grandmother which I love. The other love of my life is my horse Dandy who is 22 years old and my two dogs and cats. I also love to make remedies and have made a pain and skin cream which I sell in my practice. I am in the process of expanding my range with other beneficial handmade products.

More recently in August 2019 I concentrated on photo-bio-modulation also known as Cold Laser therapy. I am really excited by the results I am getting from my Thor laser machine ( Using my previous knowledge and experience I can complement the excellent training from Thor.

I work alongside my husband who is a registered chiropractor with over 35 years experience. Together we are achieving great results with patients suffering from severe pain, such as disc hernias. Many of my clients see me independently of chiropractic treatment as the laser is so beneficial for inflammatory conditions like arthritis, tendonitis and trauma. I combine the cold laser therapy with advice for lifestyle changes and where necessary supplements and dietary advice.

Laser Therapy

Laser and LED beams of light can stimulate the cells in the body that repair tissue, reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Cold Laser or photobiomodulation therapy is used in our clinic for patients that have soft tissue injuries, joint conditions and unresponsive spinal conditions.

Pricing – Cold Laser Therapy is £30.00 for initial consultation and treatment and follow up visits are £25.00 per session.​

A course of treatment is recommended this will be discussed in the initial consultation but can vary from person to person depending on the condition, how long you have had it and how you respond to the treatment.


    How Ann Can Help You:

    Conditions shown to benefit from Cold Laser Therapy (there are more than 6000 scientific studies showing the benefits) :

    • Inflammation
    • Frozen Shoulder
    • Tendonitis
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Tennis Elbow
    • TMJ (jaw) pain
    • Neuralgia
    • Knee Pain
    • Foot Pain
    • Arthritis
    • Neck Pain
    • Back Pain
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