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Weight-loss part 5 – Beliefs

So you are thinking about losing weight? What do you really believe about that?

It’s going to be hard

I’ll never do it

I’ve tried so many times before

All my family is overweight – it’s genetic

I am big boned/have a slow metabolism/underactive thyroid

It’s easy for my sister/friend/colleague to do it

I have to give up everything I love and eat lettuce leaves

Our beliefs about anything either support or limit us. Try this now and think about losing weight, see yourself at your ideal weight, wearing the clothes you want to wear, seeing yourself looking good in the mirror – what pops in your head? What does that inner voice say? It is extremely likely it is something that doesn’t support what you want. This old stuff do your best to ignore it.

We see the world through our beliefs. if we don’t believe something then it will never happen unless we change the belief using the techniques we outlined in yesterday’s part 4.

Our brain takes notice of how we think and what we say to ourselves. If we tell ourselves it is going to be hard, it will be. If we think it won’t happen, it won’t. And what happens then? we give up and go right back into our program (the comfort zone)

Catch your beliefs – every time a thought enters your head that does not support your weight loss, be aware of it. Becoming aware is the first step. You can do a number of things:

Change it to a voice you don’t trust or give a comical stupid voice stop the thought before it takes root by seeing a stop sign and image setting that thought on fire

Keep a log of as many beliefs that pop up as you can and flip them, decide what you want to believe instead

Every time the old unhelpful thought pops up – flip it to something better

Obviously, this takes effort. It all takes conscious effort before these new thoughts and beliefs are impressed in our unconscious mind so it will feel like hard work until it becomes automatic. If you want permanent change – the conscious work has to be done before it is impressed as a program onto the unconscious mind. Expect to feel resistance as your old program will fight against you but stick with it and see your results automatically happen!

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