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Weight-loss part 3 – Start with the End in Mind

Weight Struggles – The End 

On Monday we looked at the reasons why so many people struggle to lose weight – there is a program in our unconscious mind keeping us at a certain weight. We need to change that program. Yesterday we looked at making a decision to lose weight, which is to cut off all other possibilities. I left you with a teaser to the next step – start with the end in mind.  So just how do we start with the end in mind?

Well, we define what it is we really want? This is important. What is our goal? Clarifying this gives a destination to our brain. After all, you are longing for something – what is it? What is your ideal weight?, What clothes will you be wearing when you reach it?, What things will you be doing that you don’t do now?Most importantly how do you feel?

When you have clarified these things and anything else you want to add, build a little movie in your head:

see yourself get on the scales and read your desired weight

See yourself getting ready for work – what will you be wearing?

See yourself getting ready for a night out – what will you be wearing?

See yourself looking in the mirror, seeing your body at your ideal

See yourself doing activities

\✅ See how others react to you

Hear what others say to you

Hear what you say to yourself

Feel how you will feel when you lose weight- this is key

Make all those images in the present tense, as if it has already happened and you are living life as that person. Play this movie in your head in the morning and at night before you sleep and at any other time, you chose. Most importantly, FEEL IT.  The repetition of playing that movie helps program this into your mind (for permanent results) and acts as a destination to the brain-seeking missile which is your brain.


When we create something new in our mind, we may feel it is not true, will never happen or you may say to yourself ‘who am I kidding’ Ignore this voice, its job is to pull you away from anything new and keep you in what is comfortable. This your brain believing it is keeping you safe. When you try to move away from your current program, it will do everything it can to pull you back. I know it is hard but you have to learn to ignore that voice..or make it a voice of someone you don’t trust, or a crazy comical voice you can laugh at. I hope you have learned something that will be helpful to you. If you are doubting whether this is true then perhaps:

✳️ Think about the times you’ve made decisions without really meaning it.

✳️ Think about the times you’ve wanted to do something new but haven’t.

✳️ Think about how much of your behavior is automatic – this is exactly what the weight-loss program in your mind is

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