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Weight-loss part 2 – Decisions

Have you ‘really’ made a decision to lose weight?

Let’s look at what decision really means – ‘to cut off all other possibilities.

So with that in mind, can you truly say hand on heart that you have ‘really ‘made a decision to lose weight? or is it something that you just wish for? 

We’re getting tough here because it is really important to understand. How many decisions that we make knowing we are not going to follow through. We say it but we don’t really mean or feel it. We say it to ourselves and it sounds like a lie. We know we are not really going to do it

How many times have we’ve made decisions with true determination and mean it when we say that we are going to do it this time and yet….. an image flashes on the screen on of mind and we see ourselves failing!

1st step. Weight-loss – make a decision to get there. To cut off any other possibility

 From here you start with the end in mind – see part 3

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