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Weight-loss Part 1 – Why Do So Many Struggle?

To people who want to lose weight but end up yo-yo dieting

 Is this you? You say over and over again you want to lose weight, fit into clothes you actually want to wear, feel attractive again and look good? And yet you started a diet or weight-loss program, you either couldn’t get started or started, lost some weight but couldn’t stick to it? 

It is easy to think that joining a weight-loss program is going to solve all your problems, you follow the program and you shed the unwanted weight. There are people of course who do just that and they become the success stories, however, there are 100s if not 1000s more who just don’t get there

Why? One of the reasons why is that changes happen in the unconscious mind and yet we make a decision consciously. The conscious mind doesn’t create change. How is it though, that some people can join a weight-loss program and get to their target weight? The truth is they make a decision and they stick with it, then sticking to their plan most of the time and planning out their food becomes a habit – meaning it becomes automatic behaviour in the unconscious mind – a program. ⭐️

Read part 2 which asks ‘have you really made the decision to lose weight?’

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