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Trauma – Do I Have To Live With It?


Is something in your past negatively impacting on your life and your future? Something you are re-living every day?
Perhaps you feel:

? there are so many emotions involved it is too complex
? it is too painful to even think about facing it
? the thought of talking about it makes you feel ill
? It is easier to keep control by keeping the lid on it
? Once you face it – it will spiral out of control

The truth is:
❎ you really don’t have to talk about it that much to change it
❎ you don’t have to face it head-on and re-live all the pain and trauma
❎ it doesn’t have to take years, months or even weeks

At the moment I can understand why you may feel you are just going to live with it or really can’t face doing any work to resolve it. Sadly, living with it controls how you feel, your thoughts, who you are and what you do in life. I imagine it is impacting on your life, day in and day out.
There is a better way than just living with it – one that is usually fast and effective for most traumas.

❌ You don’t have to face it head-on
❌ you don’t have to talk for hours on end
❌ you don’t have to go away session after a session feeling more traumatised until eventually
you feel better
❌ It doesn’t have to take months on end

You have options and those options include you having a much better future and feeling so much better about yourself.


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