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Sessions in English & Italian
Foundation degree in Counselling (Humanistic)
Certificate in Experiential, Person-centred Counselling for Depression
Mindfulness trainer certificate
Certificate in Mindful Therapies
The Couple Counselling Toolkit – Certificate of achievement
Nonviolent Communication Foundation training – Certificate of completion
Accredited member of the BACP
About Letizia

My name is Letizia, and I’ve proudly called the Northeast of England my home for 18 years, hailing originally from Italy. My professional journey began in the field of education, where I dedicated many years to teaching modern foreign languages. This rewarding path eventually led me to a new calling as a counsellor, a role I’ve embraced for a decade, offering my services within the NHS mental health sector across various UK locations, including Penzance, York and Newcastle.

Since 2002, Zen meditation and mindfulness have been integral to my personal growth. The profound practices I’ve immersed myself in during retreats have significantly enhanced my self-awareness which in turn has been invaluable in refining my counselling techniques.

Outside of my professional life, you’ll often find me indulging in the tranquility of yoga or meditation, participating in retreats, contributing my time to a meditation centre, braving the brisk waters of the North Sea for a swim, or enjoying a bike ride amidst the stunning natural landscapes that this region has to offer.

Benefits of Working with Letizia

I hold the conviction that, deep within, every individual inherently understands what they need to achieve happiness, but life’s complexities can sometimes obscure this awareness. In my dual role as a counsellor and mindfulness instructor, I see my work as a transformative passage from discord to serenity.

I aim to guide you through navigating and resolving internal strife and tension, to foster a deeper comprehension of their manifestations in your daily interactions, and support you on a path back to the soothing embrace of inner tranquility and emotional equilibrium.

Your story is of great importance to me, and I am committed to providing a compassionate, impartial environment where your voice will be heard and your personal exploration will be supported and respected.

Let’s embark on this journey together, one where you can safely unearth and reconnect.


For couples in search of guidance, I maintain a compassionate and impartial stance while adopting a more structured methodology in our sessions. Together, we will confront and transform counterproductive thought processes, behaviors that impede progress, and ineffective ways of interacting. We will explore constructive perspectives on your relationship through tailored activities and practice rooted in the principles of nonviolent communication

Letizia wants you to know

The mindfulness courses I offer are crafted from a combination of my professional observations during my tenure with the NHS and insights from my own practice of mindfulness. They are designed with two primary objectives in mind:

  1. To alleviate symptoms of mild to moderate depression and anxiety.
  2. To prevent a recurrence of symptoms that could cause emotional distress.

Leveraging my extensive background as an educator, I ensure that the courses are presented clearly and organised efficiently. Additionally, I provide personalised mindfulness interventions tailored to assist individuals with anger management and to improve dynamics within family relationships.


    Letizia offers help with:

    • Cultural identity
    • Depression
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Loss and bereavement
    • Relationship dynamics


    • Person-centred Counselling
    • Mindfulness-based counselling
    • Meditation
    • Mindfulness for emotional well-being
    • Mindfulness classes

    Letizia works with:

    • adults
    • older adults
    • couples
    • groups


    • One-to-one counselling £50.00
    • One-to-one mindfulness for anger management and family relationship issues £ 50.00
    • Couples Counselling £75.00
    • Mindfulness/meditation classes and courses: prices on application

    A really enjoyable course, facilitated by a gentle person whose love of the practices shone through. Letizia ensured that one had a good understanding of the content covered, a balance between practice-theory-discussion. The personal sharing by Letizia helped to make the link between the teachings and their application/relevance to one’s personal circumstances.

    (mindfulness course participant)

    Letizia demonstrates a high level of self-awareness and this is evident in her counselling practice.
    She takes ethical practice seriously and demonstrates careful consideration regarding ethical issues. She has a caring attitude towards others. She embodies the person-centred qualities of empathy, congruence and acceptance in her relationships with her clients

    (Counselling supervisor).

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