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Level 5 BTEC Diploma (London School of Sports Massage)
Kinesiology Taping (John Gibbons ‘Bodymaster’)
About Karen

Karen started her sports massage career working with Charlton Athletic ladies’ Football Team and renting a room from the Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes at her premises in Kent.

Karen now combines clinical work with agency work, treating professional athletes including players of the Surrey and England Cricket Teams, the Rugby 7’s tournament, the Commonwealth Games and the NFL (New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons) and also TV personalities, actors and musicians.

Sports Massage is not just for sports people! Karen also treats many office workers and people in other careers who can benefit from this treatment.

On the first appointment, Karen will assess and go through medical history. She will then apply a range of soft tissue techniques with massage to improve soft tissue condition. She will also advise on a range of remedial exercises and lifestyle factors aimged at speeding up recovery and preventing recurrence.


  • Neck and shoulder problems: can identify the muscles (there are more than 20!) that are causing the problem and treat accordingly, resulting in reduced pain and better range of movement
  • Headaches: treating neck, back and shoulder areas and identify any areas of concern which could be causing them
  • Glute/hip pain (sciatica/piriformis syndrome): identify muscles/areas that are causing concern and treat accordingly, reducing pain
  • Plantar fasciitis: Treat areas which are causing the problem
  • Other conditions treated: tennis/golfers’ elbow, knee pain, wrist pain, back pain, tight hamstrings/quads/hip flexors


Karen works with everyone except pregnant women


  • Sports Massage
  • Kinesiology Taping


  • £55.00 – 60 minutes
  • £75.00 – 90 minutes

    I really needed a deep tissue massage as I have a very physical job and although relaxing massages are amazing they just don’t get down to the crux of the pain!
    Karen’s approach was very different to previous sports massages I have had.
    We discussed my issues and main problem areas and Karen firstly gave me some strength tests before she even got me on the table.
    I didn’t know I even had pain in some of the places she managed to manipulate, honing in on the painful area for what seemed like a lifetime until the pain dissipated.
    Karen gave me strengthening exercises to do after the treatment at home, sent via email and Karen followed up the next day to check in on me which is a great personal service that I really appreciate.
    If you haven’t had back pain or limb pain then it’s difficult to talk to anyone who doesn’t “Get it”.
    I’ve seen Karen several times now over the last few months since she moved up to the North East and would highly recommend her and her technique.
    Karen is highly qualified and this shows in her work.
    Rachael, Morpeth

    I went to Karen after having lower back pain for around 8 months and having no luck with any chiropractors. I’ve seen Karen for around 4 sessions now and am seeing huge improvement. I’m so happy I was recommended Karen, she’s the best there is!

    Zara, Morpeth

    I have been receiving treatment from Karen for around six months now. I have a long-standing problem with my shoulders. The treatment I have been receiving has helped massively. I’m now in less pain and the muscles are starting to feel normal again. Karen is friendly and professional.

    Daimon, London
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