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About John

Throughout the years John has tested people of all ages from young babies as young as 3 months old to the more mature up to ninety two years of age, helping people with all types of ailments.

Coming from a heavy engineering background John knew many who did not follow a healthy lifestyle. Non-stop smoking, heavy drinking as little as possible in the way of exercise, and their diet off putting to say the least. Many frequently off work usually self-inflicted.

His own leisure activity was a racing cyclist. Returning home after working overtime, his wife at the time asked why are you late? After giving his reply she said you are never well. This immediately prompted him to research into health much more in attempting to improve his own well-being.​

Going to a health trade show in Harrogate he spoke to representatives from Bio-Medscan, who work with Bio-Electronic regulatory medicine using the German RM10S Mora machine for testing food sensitivity, vitamin and mineral shortages. Bio- Medscan is the UK and Eire sole agents for this type of sensitivity testing.

Over a number of years he attended the basic, intermediate, and advanced courses at Bio-Medican headquarters. Now in his 20th year as a sensitivity tester he has built up an excellent reputation with customers. Word of mouth continues to be his main means of finding new customers. As a person only needs to come once it is necessary to find the best way of obtaining new customers.

​He has a genuine interest in his own health and passes on his knowledge to those who want to lead a much healthier life style through food choices. Too numerous to mention helped every possible problem the general public has encountered. He up dates his knowledge on a daily basis.

Sensitivity Testing

Sensitivity is considered a disorder of the immune system. When the body comes into contact with a substance it cannot tolerate, its exaggerated reaction is what is considered  sensitivity. Sensitivity testing can identify these intolerances of the body to specific substances in a non invasive way.


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Testing Options & Pricing

Option 1 – Food Test Only – £25.00
This option includes 126 items including 18 e-numbers. Including: Coffee, Dairy, Fish, Fruit, Grain, Herbs, Meat, Spice, Sugar, Tea, Vegetable​

Option 2 – Airborne Sensitivities – £10.00
This option includes 27 items. Including: Bacteria, Dust, Hair, Mould, Pollen.

Option 3 – Vitamins & Minerals – £40.00
This option includes:- Option 1 – Food Test + Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies. Covering the most common food sensitivities and checking vitamin and mineral shortages.
Including: Coffee, Dairy, Fish,Grain, Herbs, Meat, Spice, Sugar, Tea, Vegetables.
Including: 14 vitamins, 23 minerals and candida level

Option 4 – Full Test – £50.00
This option includes all the options above.
Including:- Coffee, Dairy, Fish, Grain, Herbs, Meat, Spice, Sugar, Tea, Vegetables
Including:- Bacterial, Dust, Hair, Mould, Pollen
Including:- 14 vitamins, 23 minerals and candida level

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