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Professional Diploma in Homeopathy
Reiki Master Teacher
Pilates Teacher OCR Level 3
Health Trainer Level 3
Cert Ed Teacher of Learning In the Life Long Learning Sector
BACH Flowers Levels 1 & 2
Creating Natural Skin Care Products Advanced Practitioner

Embarking on a transformative journey, my exploration of holistic healing emerged from a lifelong battle with depression. The turning point came in 2003, as I volunteered at a Women’s Health center, personally experiencing a profound health transformation. Witnessing other women heal from past traumas ignited a passion within me.

In 2004, I attained Reiki 2 practitioner Level, marking the beginning of my dedicated path to holistic healing. This journey led me to become a certified professional homeopath in 2010. The quest for holistic well-being didn’t stop there—I delved into Bach Flower Remedies, Shamanic Healing, and the art of behavior change through health training.

My commitment extends to working closely with individuals grappling with persistent mental health challenges. I don’t aim to simply “fix” you; instead, my focus is on creating a supportive space where you can catalyze positive changes in your health and well-being. Together, let’s explore the transformative power of personalized healing tailored to your unique journe


Through verbal consultation, I work with a totality of symptoms in homeopathic practice to discover an energetic remedy made from a natural source This remedy stimulates the body’s own Vital force to begin its healing process and achieve homeostasis.

In Shamanic Reiki, I intuitively work with the body’s chakras/energy centres to be guided as to where energetic healing needs to be focused.  I do not need to hear so much of your story in Shamanic work, as the energy presents itself, then my own Shamanic guides and those of the patient present themselves in the healing session to bring about guidance and healing from ‘dis-ease’. Clients report feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and invigorated. Old patterns break down and the client emerges more fully to themselves.

  • Addictions and behaviour change
  • Mental, emotional conditions i.e. anxiety, stress,
  • Menstrual cycles and menopause
  • Life changes i.e. bereavement, divorce, traumatic events; PTSD, domestic abuse, health intervention trauma.
  • Bringing renewed energy and flow into your life
  • Facilitating movement consciously and fearlessly through life’s changes
  • Developing your own medicine

Homeopathy first consultation         (60-90 mins) £75 including remedy

Follow up                                               (30-45  mins) £50 including remedy

Shamanic Reiki                                     (60 mins)        £45

Health Training first consultation     (60-90 mins)  £65

Follow up                                               (30-45 mins)  £40


    Conditions & Issues Treated
    • Allergies
    • Addictions
    • Asthma
    • Anxiety & Depression
    • Arthritis
    • Childhood Illness
    • Inflammation
    • Menstrual Conditions
    • Pain
    • Skin Conditions
    • Stress Symptoms & Trauma
    Services & Therapies
    • Homeopathy
    • Reiki Practitioner and Attuning
    • Shamanic Reiki using our mutual guiding spiritual energies/animals/totems/singing
    • Group Drumming with Shamanic Drums
    • Group Meditation using drumming and guided visualisation
    • Health Training
    Who I work with

    I work with beings of all ages from in the womb to golden years.

    I have greater experience with gender-specific organisations and those with life-long enduring mental health diagnoses’.


    • Energetic Balance: Chumpi stones align and balance the body’s energy centers, promoting harmony.
    • Grounding Influence: These stones enhance a sense of stability and connection to the Earth’s energy, fostering grounding.
    • Facilitates Healing: Used in energy practices, Chumpi stones may aid in releasing blockages and supporting emotional, spiritual, and physical healing processes.


    • Energetic Harmony: Achieve balance in mind and body through the fusion of shamanic wisdom and Reiki energy.
    • Spiritual Insight: Deepen your spiritual connection and understanding of your life’s journey with Shamanic Reiki.
    • Holistic Wellness: Experience comprehensive healing as Shamanic Reiki addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions simultaneously.


    • Gentle Healing: Homeopathy offers a gentle and non-invasive approach to healing, suitable for all ages.
    • Individualised Treatment: Tailored to each person’s unique symptoms, homeopathy provides personalized and targeted therapeutic solutions.
    • Minimal Side Effects: With its minimal risk of side effects, homeopathy offers a natural and safe alternative for promoting overall well-being.

    In my homeopathy consultation, I felt truly listened to when discussing my illness and my feelings validated. I was able to express what my illness meant to me.  I actually started the healing process before I left Gem that day and my menopause symptoms impacted my life on a much lesser degree after taking the remedy.

    Susan. Blyth

    “I found the Chumpi stone treatment a completely relaxing experience. Generally, I find it more and more difficult to switch off since my heart attack, but Chumpi Stone therapy allowed me to empty my mind of everything. I felt lifted.”

    Kev. South Shields

    “A beautiful new moon and summer solstice day retreat hosted by Gem. The whole day was perfect from the venue to meditations and pagan crafts we created. I arrived burnt out and truly left refreshed, rejuvenated and restored. A beautiful reminder to give myself the gift of time to myself. Thank you Gem.”

    Kim. Darlington

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