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We are two friends who united in our mission to help people be the best and healthiest versions of themselves possible. Healthy food and healthy environment are the two key elements of this equation. Inga loves nature, and travel and is passionate about sharing her message that a whole food plant-based diet is the most optimal diet for the human body. She shares her healthy recipes on her Heath Origins YouTube channel. Christine loves sunshine, connecting with people and is really fond of intermittent fasting and the benefits it brings to the body.

Opening a centre with the Energy Enhancement System technology here in Newcastle has been our dream since we first learnt about this incredible quantum technology in June 2022. And finally, the Health Origins Centre is here! Now we can provide a healthy energetic environment for people and help them re-charge their cells and rebalance their body, mind and soul!


The quantum technology used in our centre is called Energy Enhancement System (EESystem). This technology combines colour therapy, light therapy and scalar wave energy. It is Nikola Tesla’s technology finally realized for the benefit of human health. Scalar wave field allows cell regeneration, improves immune function, provides relief from pain, detoxifies the body, elevates mood, and assists in balancing right and left brain hemispheres to increase energy. The technology has also shown the potential to repair the damaged DNA (from all the harmful EMF radiation and toxins that surround us daily) and lengthen telomeres, hence potentially reversing the signs of aging and increasing life span.

Every cell in our bodies is like a miniature battery. Healthy human cells have a charge between 70 to 100mW, while cancerous cells have a charge of 20mW or less. The EESystem re-charges cells for their optimum performance.

It’s important to note that the only true healer is our own body. EESystem enhances our body’s natural ability to heal itself faster and more efficiently.


The EESystem treatment has proven to be especially effective on pain and mental conditions like low mood, anxiety and depression.

Inga will be doing healthy food talks and also offering 1to1 healthy food coaching as additional options.

  • Energy Spa Sessions

Energy Spa Sessions with other specialist modalities –

  • SOMA Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Singing Bowls
  • Psychic Reading Evenings
  • Pet-Friendly Sessions
  • Discounted Sessions for Veterans and Cancer Sufferers

    • Pain Relief
    • Mood Elevation
    • Improved Stress Levels
    • Emotional Stability
    • Increased Energy Levels
    • Improved Immune System
    Who we work with
    • men
    • women
    • pregnant women
    • children
    • pets

    £65 for a 2 hour Energy Spa session

    £400 to rent the whole room overnight (4 single beds).

    I really enjoyed it and I felt a deep sense of calm…afterward.  I felt really light…taller…like my crown chakra was open to the light. I am going to come again.

    Lee Bradford, Hexham

    I got a lovely warm welcome from Christine & Inga. The room felt really welcoming & I could feel a good energy in the room. After doing my breathing, I relaxed back into my chair & closed my eyes. The colours I was seeing were out of this world 3D, 4D, 5D. I also saw a figure of myself at the age of 5 years old, wearing my favourite green jumper, looking down at my present self. I felt relaxed & in my own world, also my back pain had disappeared. After my session I felt fully charged up & I am planning to go back for another session. A massive thank you to Inga, Christine, Emma for a fantastic afternoon. P.S. I’ve also told many friends who are interested.

    Dennis, South Shields

    I visited Health Origins Healing Centre in the heart of Gosforth for a 2-hour session and I was pleasantly surprised how relaxing the experience was, especially the second hour! A few people were actually sleeping so I did my best to also close my eyes and relax into the comfy chair. The tea offered before the session is a nice touch and the atmosphere is very cozy and inviting – can highly recommend recharge and reset!

    Laura Ramos, Newcastle upon Tyne

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