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Heather – Thank you so much for today, it was so good to hear so much positive and good news for me – I think I’ve had less fortunate years (trials). You were so on point and absolutely brilliant, there was so much information, all the names of our most recent losses (Margaret refused to drink from anything other than a proper teacup – had it confirmed). The two males you mentioned are both failing in health.  The brother-in-laws would have only gone as far as saying hello – they would both know that’s all I would need from them – nothing more needed saying if that makes sense.  Thank you so much Heather x


I went to see Kevin recently and at that time I was in the depths of despair with life. Kevin talked about how my life was on the verge of positive change on a personal level and that my business aspirations would move forward soon.

Kevin communicated with two male family members from Spirit for me which I recognised easily from his description. It was so uplifting to hear from them and this in itself really lifted me up.

Since then, as Kevin said, positive changes have started to emerge with changes in both personal & business life. I was astounded as thought both were over!

When I left Kevin’s I was feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and that he had given me hope for my future. I had considered taking medication from the doctor to help my mood but have since decided against this. I didn’t feel like I needed this now.

I enjoyed seeing Kevin for a reading and this helped me to stay with it and not give up.

GS – Bedlington

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