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“I joined Kathryn’s gentle somatic yoga class online in 2021 and now I can’t imagine life without it.

It gives me a chance to connect with/listen to my body and take time out to just be. Through gentle movements and breathwork, I can give my body what it needs without ‘pushing’ it.

Kathryn teaches with a calm and grounding energy and is passionate about yoga. Her sessions leave me feeling ‘freed up’, with all joints ‘oiled’ and mind quietened”.

Julie, Brighton.

‘I attend Kathryn’s Gentle Somatic Yoga and Yoga Nidra sessions. I’ve really benefited from Kathryn’s gentle, thorough guidance in these powerful practices. Happy to recommend both in person and online’

Lesley, Backworth

‘Kathryn really has ‘the magic’ and her classes are so special, a lovely blend of gentle movement and breath work. Layered perfectly with philosophy and poetry. A really gentle and soothing blend of meditative yoga, which allows for deep self-exploration’

Charlotte, Manchester

‘I have tried many varieties of yoga and Kathryn’s yoga is quite unique, she guides you through each practice in such a gentle way and the meditation at the end always has a positive poem or mantra that I really like. I’m not very good at finding stillness but this yoga relaxes me so much, it’s subtle, but you definitely feel it when you miss a session. It’s become such a tonic for my middle-aged self. Highly recommend

Gailen, Newcastle

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