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I really enjoyed it and I felt a deep sense of calm…afterward.  I felt really light…taller…like my crown chakra was open to the light. I am going to come again.

Lee Bradford, Hexham

I got a lovely warm welcome from Christine & Inga. The room felt really welcoming & I could feel a good energy in the room. After doing my breathing, I relaxed back into my chair & closed my eyes. The colours I was seeing were out of this world 3D, 4D, 5D. I also saw a figure of myself at the age of 5 years old, wearing my favourite green jumper, looking down at my present self. I felt relaxed & in my own world, also my back pain had disappeared. After my session I felt fully charged up & I am planning to go back for another session. A massive thank you to Inga, Christine, Emma for a fantastic afternoon. P.S. I’ve also told many friends who are interested.

Dennis, South Shields

I visited Health Origins Healing Centre in the heart of Gosforth for a 2-hour session and I was pleasantly surprised how relaxing the experience was, especially the second hour! A few people were actually sleeping so I did my best to also close my eyes and relax into the comfy chair. The tea offered before the session is a nice touch and the atmosphere is very cozy and inviting – can highly recommend recharge and reset!

Laura Ramos, Newcastle upon Tyne

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