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I’ve had therapy with Anne at Urban Angel for several years now. I have fibromyalgia with chronic neck and back pain and Anne’s support has been so invaluable that seeing her has become a priority. My pain and stiffness levels have drastically reduced since I began therapy with her and she knows exactly what my body needs. While she mostly provides myofascial release and trigger point techniques to ease pain and stiffness in my upper back, I have had a range of therapies from Anne including reflexology, facials, healing crystals and more and they were all wonderful and added to my relaxation and healing.

Anne is a true healer in every sense of the word and our visits have become such an important part of my care routine and something I always cherish and look forward to. Thank you for so many wonderful years of therapy, Anne!

Julia Melvin

A personal recommendation brought me to Anne a while back to help alleviate a persistent back problem which extended to sciatica on a few occasions. Anne was fantastic in treating the problem and after 2 sessions plus some home exercises my back significantly improved and reoccurrences have been very rare. Anne was excellent through very professional, effective, good communication, sympathetic and extremely personable .
Alastair Gibson

Sporting injuries and operations as well as sitting a lot for work have caused multiple issues in various parts of my body. Without experienced attention these areas tighten and close down causing issues elsewhere. Anne works weekly on the areas to release the tightness and she uses relaxation methods to destress me, which is one of the only times of the week when my mind stops. I could not recommend Anne highly enough to anyone that has injury’s or a lot on their plate.  Anne at Urban Angel is my go to person.

Mark Walton

I have been seeing Anne for a number of years ever since she fixed a shoulder injury which ‘apparently’ required surgery. Three sessions saw me back playing squash and the problem has not reoccurred.
This led to me booking regular fortnightly slots which has enabled me play squash, football and golf to the ripe old age of 67 .My injuries have been numerous and apart from broken ribs Anne has fixed every ailment I have presented her with.

Phil Renton

Good morning Anne, just getting in touch to let you know how my arm is doing. It was Wednesday afternoon when I saw you. My arm is still tender but the movement has greatly improved. I’m absolutely amazed at what you managed to achieve in one session. It really does seem quite miraculous.  Presumably, I just need to monitor the progress and as you said may not need any more treatment but if I’m not 100% back to where I was originally I’ll get back to you. Thank you so much for what you’ve done to help. I was really concerned about my arm before I saw you.

Kathryn Cuthbert
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