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Luke Ramsay has been treating me for chronic problems resulting from my permanent and painful disability over the course of more than 25 years.  He was recommended to me back then by many people in my area, and I’d recommend him to anyone.  He has done wonders keeping my limited mobility as good as it can be, for as long as possible.

My disability can result in chronic back trouble with flare-ups of incapacitating pain, and whenever I’ve needed to see him, I’ve experienced considerable improvement in just one or two visits, as well as him treating my other ongoing problems as far as they can be treated.  He has always gone the extra mile, such as seeing me at short notice in emergencies and giving advice from his knowledge and research, including referring me to an orthotics expert which is more than the hospitals ever did. He is caring and respectful in his manner to patients, and always explains what he’s doing and why, as well as giving very useful advice, exercises etc for maintaining my own best mobility and comfort at home between visits.

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