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I injured my back playing hockey when I was 27. (Thirty years ago).  Over a period of 18 months I had every treatment the NHS could offer but other than masking the pain with painkillers nothing worked. Luke Ramsay changed my life. It’s really that simple.  I had spent 18 months in pain with a constant limp and in just two visits Luke fixed me.  I’m now a builder so back injuries are more common but so far I haven’t missed a days work through back pain.  And it’s not just me.  My wife sees Luke a couple of times a year and my daughter pays him the occasional visit (normally after she’s gone over the handlebars of her bike). Fortunately my son has a decent chair in his room so all the hours spent saving the world from alien invasion isn’t causing him any back pain just yet. But rest assured, if it happens then Luke will be the first port of call.

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