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Yoga focuses more on harmonising the body by using various breathing techniques and physical poses. It tends to be therapeutic and can lead to self-discovery and self-realisation. Yoga therapy, on the other hand, uses yoga practices but with the aim of progressing towards improved physical health and overall well-being.


Yoga Therapy is becoming an important modern pillar of support for physical and mental health but where does it actually come from and why should we choose Yoga Therapy as a form of treatment?

Yoga Therapy is where past, present and future meet. It is where modern research, medical studies, psychology and yoga converge – with the addition of basic common sense.

Yoga Therapy includes elements of traditional yoga practices, adapting them to the individual according to their physical, psychological and emotional needs as well as their history and environment. Furthermore, Yoga Therapy is supported by the back-up of modern medicine, psychology and research.


Contrary to popular belief, yoga practices are not suitable for everyone. In fact, many general yoga poses that are taught in yoga classes and which abound on the internet, are actually contraindicated for people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, scoliosis, herniated discs, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, asthma, COPD and many other physical health issues. Some yoga practices can also be counterproductive, even dangerous, for anyone suffering from mental illnesses, eating disorders, clinical depression, PTSD and panic disorder.

This is where knowledge of modern medicine, the understanding of trauma-informed psychology and collaboration with health practitioners and researchers become the essential ingredients for the ultimate development of Yoga Therapy as a continuously evolving, adapted, safe and complementary form of therapy.

More than ever, we face uncertainty in a confusing, sometimes scary world. The origins of Yoga Therapy lie in the need for increased support for our physical and mental health and a deepening understanding of the human condition. A space where we can find silence, introspection and interoception, whilst still connecting with others in a safe place. Learning from the mistakes of the past and looking ahead to the future, Yoga Therapy is a science and knowledge-based platform where there are no gurus to follow, only the sensitive guidance and safe tools offered by compassionate, certified practitioners, making yoga accessible for everyone.

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