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What is NLP?

Neuro – How we use our mind to experience the world through our five senses sight, sound, taste, hearing and touch

Linguistic – Language and communication we use and the way we store information in our mind as pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tasters and self talk.

​Programming: 95% of our behaviour is automatic and running from programs, patterns, habits stored in our mind.

​NLP is how we use the language of our mind to get results in our life

​If you want something in life and you are not getting it, it is likely your communication and programming that is keeping you stuck.

​If you have a negative program around money, career, relationships even health. Nothing can or will change until you change the programme and communication in your mind.

​NLP helps you:

  • ​Learn how to run your mind rather than the mind running you
  • Turn off the “auto pilot” and start creating your own life
  • Release negative experiences from the past
  • Let go of fears, worries, doubt, limiting beliefs and anxious thoughts
  • Achieve the goals you set
Therapists who offer this treatment

Dee Smith

About Dee Founder of Hypnotic-Results and Mind Vision Coaching.  Whilst working as…

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