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Wellbeing Coaching is forward focused designed to encourage people to develop their potential, performance and wellbeing; the enhancement of life experience, work performance and wellbeing for individuals, groups and organisations.

Coaching is future focused, goal orientated, non-judgmental and non-directional. It is based on the premise that a client has the resources within them self to access and identify what they want to change to enable them to achieve their wellbeing goal. Developing a plan is a vital element for supporting clients to move forward to their goal.

Achieving health and wellbeing is vital for us to be able to lead happy and fulfilled lives. We are more likely to reach our full potential when we understand the influences that can effect our wellbeing including; nutritional health, emotional health, relationships, finance, environment, lifestyle, our living situation and life purpose.

Clients often find when working on the most relevant or important area of their life, either personal or professional, this then has a positive impact on the other areas of their life.

Therapists who offer this treatment

Dee Smith

About Dee Founder of Hypnotic-Results and Mind Vision Coaching.  Whilst working as a Manager in…


Elaine Elliott

About Elaine Hello, my name is Elaine Elliott and I founded My Health Matters after…

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