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The Truth Behind New Year Resolutions

A new year is often the time we set resolutions. Things we want to change and achieve in the coming year.

Here’s the question…how many of us actually

  1. believe we are going to achieve them?
  2. try and achieve them?

The truth is even if we are determined to change or to achieve something – willpower and determination are often not enough. These are conscious mind activities.

To make a permanent change, we need the help of our unconscious mind where our beliefs, habits, stories, behaviours are programmed.

Imagine for a moment our beliefs, habits, and stories are like a path set in concrete in our brain.   The brain will do everything it can to keep you there because it’s what it knows, which means it is keeping you safe – this is also called your comfort zone.

It can feel like you are in a tug of war whenever you want to change something or achieve something. You make progress but then your brain pulls you back to what you know and you give in because it feels to hard and you don’t understand what is going on.

Your brain has no association to the new thing you want and you need to build the association. You do this through repeated visualisation of what you want as if you have it now, key is to FEEL like you have it now

To make a permanent change:

  • You have to go through the resistance, fear and keep striving toward your goal.
  • keep a vision of your goal in your mind
  • Run a little movie in your head of yourself as having achieved the change or goal (so if you want to lose 2 stone, see yourself as 2 stone lighter or see yourself getting on the scales and reading the perfect weight for you).  Do this every morning and every night in a relaxed state
  • Most of all don’t give up.  You may be 2ft from gold.

If you are not sure this is true, think about all the people

  1. who yo-yo diet
  2. who say they are going to the gym three times a week
  3. say they are going to leave work and start a business
  4. say they are going to make more money

I hope this explains why you more often than not never acheive your new years resolutions and this helps you this year.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t.  Many of us spend our time wondering why we ‘can’t’ do something or look at our present circumstances and wish it were different.

In 2022, decide what you want, focus on it, build the associations in your brain by visualising the having of it, keep going through the resistance and keep going. Most of all, keep your vibration up, how would you really feel if you had this in your life?

The best therapy to help with this is hypnotherapy as the hypnotist works with the unconscious mind to change thinking patterns and create new associations in the brain.

Life Coaching is also great for this purpose as it helps you hone in on what you want, focus on it, overcome resistance and you have someone with you to support you on your journey.

I hope you put this to use in 2002, May it be a year all your dreams come true.









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