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Limiting Beliefs Part 5 – I am Not Enough

Part 5

We have been looking at limiting beliefs and yesterday I asked how would life be different if you had the belief ‘I AM UNSTOPPABLE’ 💪

In reality, many of us sadly don’t have that belief and live much of our lives from limiting beliefs such as this one ‘ I am not enough’. or I am not worth it, I don’t deserve it etc

This is a core belief that runs in about 85% of the population although they can say it in many other ways, This manifests in our lives in so many different ways e.g. going for a new job, in relationships, in our businesses, and in our health. One voice saying ‘you can do this’ another voice saying ‘why would they want you’?, ‘ you’ll never get that job’, ‘who wants to listen to you’ etc This the battle between our conscious and unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind where our beliefs are stored will always win because our beliefs are hardwired in.

****So just how do you change it***

❇️ If you think about how we have the beliefs we have, most of which are installed before we are between the age of birth and seven.

❇️ Beliefs that develop as we grow are a thought we think over and over again until it becomes a belief.

❇️ Thinking the thought over and over means that, in time, it is then imprinted on our unconscious mind and from that point we live out our belief in the way we view the world and how we act in the world.

☑️ So we can either think a new thought over and over again until it becomes imprinted on our unconscious mind

☑️ we can use hypnosis, NLP or EFT (tapping) which work much faster because in these modalities we work with the unconscious mind.


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