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Limiting Beliefs Part 2 – Problem Solving

Limiting Beliefs Part 2

Why trying to solve a problem logically isn’t always the best thing to do….

Yesterday, we started looking into beliefs. When we have a problem we often focus on it, trying to find a solution. Our problems are often underpinned by beliefs which we may not even be aware of.

At one time, when I had a problem I would:

☹️ focus on the problem until my brain hurt

? analyse every aspect of it

? drive myself crazy thinking about it non stop

? start taking action and then fall back into my old ways

? become so frustrated with myself, I would make a decision just to stop thinking about it after all, any decision is better than no decision right? WRONG!

Making a decision from a frustrated or indeed any negative state isn’t wise. Why, because it is being made from a negative state and likely attracts a negative result.

Here’s the thing, our conscious mind often can’t find the solution because the solution is in our unconscious mind. If you want to lose weight, make more money, let go of anxiety, enjoy better health – these are all symptoms of something going on at a deeper level – in our unconscious mind and we form beliefs around these things e.g. I can’t lose weight, I am just an anxious person etc

There are a number of ways to create change, however, it is very difficult to change on our own because our brain is running a program, and to change the program (just like a computer) you have to change the code.

How,? there are a number of ways:

1) repetition of the new behaviour or thought, repeating it over and over again

2) A coach or therapist that specialises in the specific area for your needs

3) Hypnotherapy, NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping

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