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Don’t Give Up

Have you ever started something and quit?

Did you have a dream that you never took a step toward because you felt the overwhelmed with fear that maybe you couldn’t do it or who am I to think I can do this?

Did you start something and self sabotage yourself every step of the way?

This may be interesting to you are not the success you want it to be
Is this you?
βœ… You want to put your whole self out in the world
βœ… You want to make a difference
βœ… You want to create a good income for you and your family
πŸ†˜ Self sabotage
πŸ†˜ Hold Yourself Back and Play Small
πŸ†˜ Procrastinate and Feel Overwhelmed
Maybe deep down you fear it will never happen for you or maybe the thought of staying where you are terrifies you
But did you know: Your brain’s No1 priority is to keep you alive which means keeping you safe (in your comfort zone). When you try to do something different like set up a successful business or move to a different level of success, your brain sets off a signal that you are out of your comfort zone and therefore in danger!
Your brain is not associated with the success or wealth you want. It cannot take you there and it will do everything in its power to pull you back to your comfort zone and what it IS associated with (which is your current success story)
This is why you self sabotage, doubt yourself, hold yourself back and the reason you quit or never start:
πŸ“£ your brain is not associated with the success you want
πŸ“£ you are out of your comfort zone and that creates fear
πŸ“£ your brain will ALWAYS drag you back to what it knows
That’s your success story…it is the story that you tell yourself, it is your beliefs and habits that are programmed into you.Β  Trying to change without addressing these things is like trying to paddle a boat upstream and against the current.Β  It can feel like a constant fight.
How to Change it?
The program needs to change.Β  Without changing the beliefs that are programmed in, you will stay where you are.Β  Look back at your life and ask what has really changed in the last 5 years, 10 years..Sure you may have a new home, a new car but are you really where you want to be?
Best techniques for reprogramming are Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Life/Success/Performance Coaching.
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