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Do You Suffer from Monday Morning Blues?

Moody Monday?
If you can remember Bob Geldof’s big hit ‘ I don’t like Monday’s’ It perhaps was so popular because many people can relate to that Monday morning feeling!
Monday’s are often said to be most people’s least favourite day.
On Sunday we are already thinking about how awful it is going to be to get out of bed and go to work. Especially in the cold weather when we just want to close our eyes and go back to sleep
Which one will you choose?
Imagine Something Better
Just for a moment, I want you to think about the times you actually choose to feel good…….
Choose a Marvellous Monday….Wake up today and just decide it’s going to be a good day and start to build the picture of what that good day will look like…’ll be amazed how you start to feel good
Change your state, instead of opening your eyes, remembering it is Monday and oh no you have to work and don’t feel like it……change your state instead. Your state is made up of everything going on inside of you at that moment.  Choose how you want to feel, breathe like you would if you were feeling it now, stand how you would stand, shoulders back, chest out, upright.  Just changing your physiology like this takes moments but has an instant effect.
It’s a choice – which one do you choose today?
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