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Depression – What is Depression


We are looking at depression, what it is, signs/symptoms, tips and what help we have available to help you overcome depression.

Depression is more than just having off days and feeling down. It’s when off days are most days and negative feelings won’t go away. There can often be bouts of deep sadness or despair. Often feeling no hope for the future, totally bored with life, or wondering what the purpose to life is.

People often can’t see anything good in life, and can’t see a future. Those thoughts create negative feelings. When this becomes a continual thought process, negative emotions accompany these thoughts and flood the body with chemicals.

Many people suffer in silence and find it difficult to express to others how they feel. Emotions are suppressed and this can lead to depression. Depression can feel all-consuming like there is no escape and this compounds the situation.

A depressed person can feel overwhelmed with all the negative thoughts and emotions and struggle to face each day. Depression can feel like there is no way out and often people won’t share with others how they feel.

It is like a loop of thoughts and feelings that keep playing every day and it feels hard to break that cycle. Depression is a cycle at the core is unfilled emotional expectations. If you suffer from depression, live with someone with depression or know someone who suffers from depression there is hope. 

It is our hope that people reach out and seek help if they need it ❤️

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